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Telling your parents about your destination wedding

Congratulations! You and your fiancé have decided on a destination wedding. But are you really ready for all of the family drama that may ensue?

The biggest step will be to tell your mothers. You need a well thought out plan when you are making that phone call or meeting for lunch. Do it as a team. Many mothers love the idea of their son or daughter taking their vows on a beautiful beach. Some are going to look at you like "are you crazy?" I speak to a lot of mothers and I have to say the number one thing that they are worried about is that their family traditions won't be carried out. Before they even bring that up (and trust me, they won't know how to express this), ask your mothers what was special about their own weddings. Just something real simple whether it was their wedding song, a reading, a color.... you get the drift. Try to find something special about their weddings and incorporate it into your own. Maybe play your parent's wedding song as the first dance. After all, all mothers just want their children happy. Who are we kidding, they really want grandchildren.

Dads: they are generally happy people. If their wives are happy, they are happy. Plus, they aren't having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a wedding.

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