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How to Save Money on a Destination Wedding

So you're clicking around my site, trying to figure out if you really want a destination wedding. You're also trying to figure out if I really know what I am talking about. So I want to delve into some of my tricks for getting the most bang for your buck.

That's good! I like people who like the nicest of everything for the lowest price!

To begin, the number one way to save money is to schedule your wedding during one of the promo months. And I'm not talking about August through October. It's very hot, sticky, and who wants to worry about hurricanes. I'll try to talk you out of it.

Now each resort chain has various promotions. My favorite one is where the couple gets the sixth room free as part of their credit, typically up to three rooms. They can apply this credit towards their honeymoon suite or their wedding. For example Sandals has great promos, but the 6th room free promo was for the months of September through December. Otherwise the credit is based on every 12th room free. If the value of your comp is $2,000 per room, you are either getting back $2,000 or $6,000 if you group block is 20 rooms. That is a lot of money!

I really like the month of November and the first two weeks of December for Sandals. That's where the magic happens. I just had a wedding couple pay around $2,000 for their wedding and their one week in a butler suite. They are getting so many goodies. A ceremony with arch on the beach, a pre-rehearsal dinner, a cocktail party, a wedding dinner with DJ for three hours, and twinkling lights, and photography. They are really excited because they are also getting a free catamaran cruise for everyone in their group.


I am so happy that they listened to me and followed my advice. When they first saw my spreadsheets I do for projections, I could tell they were a little bit in disbelief. They were SO HAPPY when they told me the total


Now, I have lots and lots of ways to work the promos for all of the resorts throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. Some of the resort chains offer the 6th room free promo for nine months of the year. I can't give away all of my secrets to the internet. I'd be sad. No one would call me. I don't like being sad.


So if you want to learn more about ways to save on a destination wedding, contact me, Debi Kasen at

Please note, promos can change at any time and Romance Globe Travel is not responsible for any changes, errors, or omissions.

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