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Elope to the Beach

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  • No fee planning. It doesn't cost you more to book with me over booking direct

  • I'll tell you about all the promos and discounts you're entitled to

  • I'll find you the best of everything for the lowest price

  • Great thank you gifts!

Weddings are expensive. Before you know it, you've spent the approximate average of over $25,000. Now I'm a practical person and I bet if you're reading this, you are too.


Benefits of an Elopement


  • Much lower cost than traditional wedding

  • Less drama

  • Can be fully customized

  • Often free with resort stays

  • Beautiful pictures

  • Close friends and family can attend

  • No chicken dance


What Country?

I have to say, I like Jamaica for an elopement followed by St. Lucia. There are no blood test requirements like there are in Mexico, and your service is officiated in English.


What Resorts?

I have to say I love Sandals resorts in Jamaica for an elopement. They have very elegant weddings included in your stay. The resorts are truly all-inclusive with fine dining, premium adult beverages, and water sports.

Sandals has all kinds of goodies for a 3 night stay for people getting married with even more benefits for couples staying 6 nights or more.


What is the Cost?

As an example, you could elope to Jamaica for 3 nights and stay at Sandals Ochi in an entry level room for about $650* per person. Add in the $95 Jamaican government fee and you have a wedding for under $1,400. Airfare is additional, but I have tricks to share with you to help you find your perfect date.


What do I do Next?

Reading the terms and conditions of these promos is really confusing and change constantly. It pays to work with a travel consultant like me who knows how to finagle the promos and get you the best for the least amount of money. You also have to check to make sure your desired date is available. Contact me and I can check quickly for you.


*prices can and do change constantly and this is not an offer for an exact price.


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