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Why Use Us?

There are many good travel agencies out there that can take your order, get you a good price, and send you luggage tags. They advertise that they are a full service concierge travel agency. Sounds good right?


But I'm not like anybody you've ever met. I don't know about you, but when I'm spending more than $100 on anything, I expect more, a lot more.


I go over and above most people's expectations.


Some of the crazy things I do for my clients are:


  • Tell you the truth about resorts

  • Seriously shop for the best prices

  • For destination weddings, I have spreadsheets that I will share with you so you can see how I will maximize the current promos to get you the best value

  • Take into consideration the cost of airfare. This is very important because it is such a big piece of a travel budget

  • Share with you my tricks for getting better airfare

  • Assist you with obtaining passports. I have a cool Passport Wizard

  • I look up the best and cheapest place to get your passport pictures

  • I contact resort managers to let them know a VIP is coming. That's you!

  • Send you a "getting ready checklist" with items most people forget

  • I send my clients coupons for items for their trip if I think it would be helpful

  • You will get texts from me before you head to the airport so you know what gate to go to

  • You will also receive texts from me showing you the best places to eat in the airport if you have a connection

  • I encourage my clients to download the Viber app so we can stay in touch while on your trip. It saves you lots of money while on a free wireless network

  • I take care of special requests for you

  • I can show you the best options for activities for the best price

  • I send the NICEST thank you gifts


If your travel agent isn't doing all the above for you, maybe it's time to get a travel fairy like me. Time to contact Debi!


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